Best Teething Toys for Babies

Teething Toys for Babies

A teething baby is so much fun, said no mother ever. 

Today we’re talking about teething, and what teething toys are the best! Right now my little guy is teething (has been since 3 months!) and he finally got his first tooth! Both of my girls had teeth around 4 months, but this little guy has been drooling and chewing for months on end with nothing. And, his top tooth poked through first! It’s crazy how some kids have it easy, others worse, and the timing is all over the place. Below are my kids’ favourite teething toys. If you’ve got a fussy, teething baby, hang in there– and check out these little toys to help your baby through it!

Top Teething Toys

Sophie la Girafe So Pure Teething Ring 
This is hands down our favourite teether! I’ve bought it three times (one for each of my kids, because we’ve misplaced it between kids) and it’s been a fave for all of them! Easy to hold on to and you can attach it to their stroller or seat with these little links that double as a teether!

Zoli Chubby Gummy Teether
This is their second fave teething toy. It has an easy-to-grasp handle and if it drops the teething part doesn’t hit the floor! #monwin Plus it comes in a two pack so you’ll always have one around.

Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether
Another  favourite for all of my kids! They like gnawing on the different sized and textured beads.

Loulou Lollipop Boston Terrier Teether
I bought this mostly because it was cute, but it’s a favourite for Rowen! He is drawn to the black and white, and he loves chewing on the dogs’ ears. The amount of comments we get on how cute this is crazy!

Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush
I don’t know if a training tooth brush is considered a teether, but Rowen loves the easy grip handles and silicone bristles.

Life Factory Silicone Teether 
These are hard to find now, but if you come across a pack they are totally worth it! The ring has 4 different textures around it and is easy to grasp and attach to links. It’s been passed down between all my kids.

Zoli Bunny Teether
Another ZoLi teether, we got this one for Rowen’s easter basket. It is similar to the chubby gummy teether, but you can attach it to links because of the handle and it has two teething ends. This also comes in a two pack.

I hope these teething toys bring a little comfort to your teething babies! Check out more products we love here. xo Raina

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  1. These are all great teethers! I wish I would have had some of these when my youngest was going through the teething stage!

  2. Great choice of toys. I will share this with my friend who just got baby. She will soon need this.

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