Kids and Glasses: Warning Signs and the Best Eyewear for Kids


Last year our two year old got her first pair of prescription eyeglasses. Today I’m sharing our experience with a toddler wearing glasses and answering the questions we are most commonly asked. If you’re curious to know how we found out about our daughter’s vision problems and what brand we turn to for durable and fun glasses frames– read on! This blog post is sponsored by Alternative & Plan B Eyewear, our chosen eyewear provider.

How do you know your child may need glasses?

As parents, we are always looking out for the well-being of our kids. After Aria got glasses we were asked daily, “how did you know?” or, “what should I look for?” We want to be proactive and well prepared for everything when it comes to raising our (often unpredictable) kids.

We are fortunate to have caught Aria’s vision problem early on. In her case, it was a focusing issue that first caught our attention. Sitting across from her, I noticed she had trouble focusing on me head-on, and one of her eyes was moving inward as a result. I followed up with her daycare, who also noticed these symptoms at the same time, along with difficulty with activities requiring concentration. We visited an optometrist immediately and he confirmed that Aria needed glasses.

Our Warning Signs

  • Difficulty focusing when looking head on
  • Eye turning inward/wandering eye
  • Lack of interest in work requiring concentration

What brand of frames does she wear?

The second most popular question we are asked is “where did you get her glasses?” Parents of kids with glasses frequently stop us to ask about Aria’s glasses. I am thrilled to recommend Nano Vista by Alternative & Plan B Eyewear any chance I get. This product has been incredible for our little girl! We were nervous about finding something comfortable and durable. Nano Vista frames can sustain play but also have functional, fun, and stylish designs– there’s no compromising involved!

Why we love Nano Vista Eyewear:

  1. Durable

    Kids can be tough on glasses and these bendable frames sustain all the hands-on action of an incredibly busy toddler. Our little one plays hard and these frames don’t show any wear. Plus, Nano Vista has a 3-year unconditional warranty in Canada and the USA. We love that Nano Vista frames are lightweight and comfortable. Aria wears her glasses for all activities– from bike riding to ballet!

  2. Functional

    The flexible and removable arms allow her to put them on and take them off easily. She can expand the arms wide to slide the glasses on and they sit comfortably behind her ears. The arms can be switched out for a headband attachment, which is perfect for younger kids or for sports to keep glasses in place. And, Nano Vista now offers custom fit models to create a perfect frame for a child’s special needs.

  3. Stylish

    Nano Vista glasses are functional and FUN. There is an endless supply of colors and styles for babies through to grade school kids, including glow in the dark and solar clip options. We are forever receiving compliments about how cute she looks in them– the bright pink frame suits her well. We can’t wait to pick out her next pair!

Taking Care of Your Child’s Vision

We are incredibly proactive parents when it comes to our children’s health, and yet, because neither of us wear glasses, we assumed our kids wouldn’t either. Luckily, Aria was diagnosed at an early age and the difference her glasses have made is incredible. Learn more about vision care for infants and children here.

When to see an Optometrist:

  • Baby’s first eye exam between six and nine months
  • At least one eye exam between the ages of two and five
  • A yearly exam once starting school

*Disclaimer: I am sharing our personal experience with our daughter getting glasses. If you are concerned about your child’s eyesight, please seek professional medical advice. 

We are proud to collaborate with brands we truly love and support! Visit Alternative & Plan B Eyewear for more information about kids’ glasses and frames. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep this space fun! xo

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  1. Awww she is the cutest human!!! Love her little glasses. I have worn glasses since I was little too

  2. Having had two of my children that needed glasses early, I couldn’t love this post enough. I wish I knew the warning signs earlier on. This is a great post.

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback Shayla! I’m so passionate about sharing this information as I hadn’t read much at all about kids with glasses before we got here. Appreciate your feedback!

    1. Hi Tami! My daughter was similar and I always chalked it up to her being “busy and active.” Now her favorite activities are detailed work at preschool- her teacher says she thrives in this area! It’s incredible!

  3. Thanks for the information! Will definitely be on the look out for sings of visual impairment in my kiddos. Those glasses are just adorable on her!

  4. This post is so informative and helpful in a pretty “unheard of” topic! My daughter, who just turned 5, told me this year that when she “looked at me, I looked really far away and it hurt her eyes” so off to the eye doctor’s we went! She has a small impairment that they are hoping she outgrows, but I was fortunate that she was able to tell me about what she was feeling. A two-year-old, as you mention, might have many different signs of vision impairment and likely won’t be verbalized by the child. This is a super awesome resource for parents with younger children who might be having vision issues!

    1. Thanks so much Ashley for your thoughtful comment and for sharing your experience! That’s so great your daughter was able to tell you. I agree– I hadn’t even thought of taking them to the eye dr until these issues came up. Now I know better for our next baby!

  5. Oh my goodness, what a cutie! Neither of my kids needs glasses, but my sister did, and I remember the huge change she underwent when she could actually see the board in her classroom. Finding sports glasses was a bigger challenge for her. I’m glad you’ve found frames that work well, are durable and are cute!

  6. I’m thinking of having my 4 year old’s eyes checked as well because I always notice her squint when watching TV. Aria is cute with her glasses!

  7. Oh how glasses for children have come such a long way! These are adorable and she is precious! I have 2 grandchildren who wear similar frames who have eye issues as a result of being preemies. The soonet you can address an eye issue the better. This is great information to share!

    1. Thanks for your comment Sheila. Yes so true, the sooner the better. And we are so glad there are good frame options out there for kiddos!

    1. No problem Amber. Given we didn’t even think to check for our kids until we ran into problems, I’m really passionate about getting this information out there!

  8. She looks so cute in her glasses! I got glasses when I was 3 or 4 (my vision is terrible) and have already taken my toddler to get his eyes checked. The doctor said he’ll definitely need glasses but not for a few more years. Having glasses now is so much better than when I was a kid.

    1. Thanks for sharing Christa! I’m so happy to have learned early on with my daughter as well. And yes, glasses are so cute now aren’t they?!

  9. Aria pulls off the glasses perfectly. She looks absolutely adorable and I bet she’s happier than ever being able to see better! This is something I always think about because both my hubby and I have poor eyesight. We don’t have a baby yet, but it’s important to know what to look for at a young age!

    1. Thanks Katherine. Yes she loves wearing them because they make such a difference! I’m so happy that we could find the perfect fit for her with Nano.

  10. Great post! As someone who endured the pain of not being able to communicate that I cannot see perfectly as a child – I can relate to this on many levels. Wonderful tips for parents!

  11. My son has a lack of interest in work requiring concentration because of sensory issues. Yet, I’ve noticed it at an increased level lately. A think an eye check is in order.

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