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Rowen is baby number three and it’s no surprise that I am one busy Mama! I love researching the best baby gear, especially things that will help make our life easier, and (a little) less chaotic. I’m excited to be partnered with 4moms Canada— a company that believes in making life easier– to share a review of their incredible baby gear with you! 4moms is all about creating innovative products– think magnetic-high-chair-and-dishes-innovative– I mean, how cool is that?!

This post is sponsored by 4moms Canada. This is an honest product review and all opinions expressed are my own.

4moms breeze® plus playard

4moms breeze plus playard

If you’ve ever set up a regular playard and are in the market for a new one, then you’re going to want to read this. The 4moms breeze® plus playard sets up in ONE simple step. No more getting the side arms juuuuust right to get that frame to stand properly! Here are the features we love most about the 4moms  breeze® plus playard:

  1. Easy Set-up

    The easy fold frame of the breeze® plus playard is genius. You simply push down on the centre hub to open, and pull up on it to close. That’s it. This is such a time (and patience) saver with three little ones running around me, especially when we are setting it up on vacation!

  2. Bassinet and Change Features

    When Rowen came home from the hospital, he slept next to me in this bassinet. The space was just right for a tiny baby– the breeze® plus is a slightly larger playard, making the bassinet portion a little wider than your average bassinet playard. This made a huge difference; Rowen wasn’t brushing up against the sides of it and waking himself up. The change station was especially helpful in those early days when day and night seem to blur together. The bassinet and change portion easily clips onto the playard frame, and it is elevated from the floor to ensure the right temperature.

  3. Waterproof & Comfortable bedding

    The 4moms playard and bassinet sheets are soft and cozy, providing extra comfort for your baby. Plus, they have a waterproof layer that protects the bassinet and playard mattress, so your mattress will stay clean and fresh! The sheets have fun designs and come in a few colour options, too.

    4moms breeze playard bassinet

4moms high chair

4moms_high chair and starter set

Rowen just started eating solid foods and we are thrilled with the 4moms high chair! It is by far the best high chair we’ve ever used, and we’ve tried many. Here are my top three favourite things about the 4moms high chair:

  1. Magnetic Tray and Dishes

    This is the most genius, unique, and incredible feature. Ever. The tray itself is magnetic and clicks on to the chair’s magnetic arms in a snap. I’m talking no fussing, adjusting, or latching to get the tray in place, I can literally do this with one hand. And usually, that’s all I’ve got! The feeding starter set includes plates and bowls (with snap on lids for easy food storage) that are magnetic, too. Meaning Rowen isn’t tossing bowls of food onto the floor, because let’s face it, our plates are full enough already without an added mess! 😉 Plus, the dishes and tray are dishwasher safe (hurray!)

  2. Supportive Seat

    At 6 months, Rowen is not quite strong enough to sit up independently on his own. I love this high chair’s supportive seat. It provides full back support for Rowen and he loves sitting here for meal time. The harness is easy to do up, and he’s safe and fully supported while I buckle him in.

  3. Simple Design

    Right now, my house looks like a baby adventure zone. I love that the 4moms high chair is a neutral and sleek design, especially since it’s going to be part of our dining room for a long time! The design is clean and crisp and fits perfectly at the table. We choose the white and grey; it also comes in black and grey.


If you’re looking for some great baby gear, then I highly recommend 4moms! They are focused on making better products, and, as a result, their products are the most functional and innovative on the market. With baby gear that makes daily life easier, I can spend more of my time enjoying motherhood.


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  1. That is the cutest, happiest baby! I love the idea of a one step playard. The one o had was a two man job! So frustrating.

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