Friday Faves: Natural Beauty for Her

Anyone else notice the toll the dry winter air takes on your skin? Not to mention the severe lack of Vitamin D some of us face for weeks on end, leaving things a little, well, dull feeling. You with me? And truth be told, ever since having children my skin has been on a bit of a roller coaster. I like to use natural products as often as possible, and today I’m sharing a few natural products that help me feel refreshed.

These are the perfect products to re-energize and beat the winter blues! In the mean time, we’ll just be over here dreaming about summer.

Five Natural Beauty Products for Her

Energy Revitalizing Remedy: A little of this Saje Wellness energy booster roll on to uplift you while releasing tension and mental fatigue. Yes please!

Fresh Lip Sugar lip Scrub: This gentle exfoliant contains natural products that leave your lips hydrated and soft. I love doing this while I have a face mask on, too.

In the Buff Bristle Dry Brush: Although I questioned this at first (and I still hate the way it feels, lol) I’m giving it a go. My skin is so dry and itchy and this helps revive it. What does dry brushing do? “Removing surface skin cells supports your body’s natural revitalization processes and awakens and energizes the nervous system, increasing overall blood circulation throughout your body.”

Jane Iredal Magic Mitt:  This knitted micro-fiber cleansing cloth completely removes makeup using water only (even mascara!). I really noticed a difference when I washed my face and then used the mitt and saw how much more make-up came off on the mitt. Be sure to check out the details and learn how it actually helps protect your skin, too!

K’Pure Get Gently Closer Deodorant: I should get some sort of recognition for testing the most natural deodorants ever (haha). I couldn’t find a natural deodorant that truly worked and always ended up switching back to one filled with harmful chemicals. This K’pure one was put to the test for two months and its a win! (I even tossed my other brand for good, so there’s proof it’s here to stay).

I hope you find some great, good-for-you products, to add to your self care routine. And what’s self care without a little reading? Be sure to check out Five Books for You for some inspiration! Enjoy! xo

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  1. Love the natural ideas. I’m not a huge strict beauty regiment person, mainly because I’m lazy but I do always love reading about ways to get into that

  2. I’ve always taken great care of my skin, and I make sure it stays extra hydrated in the winter months when the harsh elements can damage our skin. Good reminder for items one could use.

  3. I honeslty have to say that I loved this article! I clicked on 3 of the products above and I am ordering the natural deodorant (hoping it works on me as well!) and the magic mitt! Thanks for doing the work for me!

    1. Thanks so much Karen! Yay! I hope you love them! I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve tried SO many that didn’t work. I know you’ll be happy with these! xoxo

  4. My skin is AWFUL in the winter…especially now that I am in a new climate. It has seriously never been this bad…i have to check out that brush ASAP

    1. I think once you start with dry brushing it’s easy to become part of your routine, right? The mitt is amazing! Hope you like it!

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