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Back to School is almost here (I said it!) and an organized mudroom is essential for a smooth daily routine in our family. We worked with STOR-X Kelowna to design and install a custom mudroom for our family of five. Today I’m sharing our design tips and tricks to create a functional and organized family mudroom!

This post was created in partnership with STOR-X Kelowna all opinions shared are my own.

Closed Storage Lockers

First, we opted for individual locker-style storage for each of the kids. Adding doors created defined individual storage spaces and is also key to keeping the room tidy! The locker style provides plenty of space to store multiple things on the shelves—from jackets to shoes to sports items.

Mudroom Lockers

Hanging Rods

To maximize the space in each locker, we used rods (positioned at kid height!) with sturdy wooden hangers instead of hooks for jackets. This way we can store multiple jackets and sweaters for each kid. They’ve done a great job with keeping their jackets hung up!

Kids Mudroom Storage

Adjustable Shelving and Storage Baskets

All of the shelf heights are adjustable. We tested out different basket sizes and choose what worked best. (It can be a bit time consuming trying to find the right baskets and enough of them in stock, but I promise it is well worth the wait!) We also left one shelf empty to store things like helmets, skates and other awkward-to-store items. The lowest shelf has a smaller basket that we use as a “catch-all” to collect the many little things that pile up daily between home and school (toys, books, papers, etc.)—this is a must do! Finally, we added a medium sized storage tote for things we need daily for activities: dance shoes, soccer gear, splash pants, etc.

Mudroom Organization Mudroom Shelving

Seasonal Clothing Storage

The top shelf has an extra-large storage basket for off-season clothing storage. We used to store off-season items in bins in our garage, but having each kids’ items stored separately in their own locker makes things way easier to access and organize. I can easily see what everyone needs (or doesn’t) for the upcoming season. I also stocked up on sale items like gloves and touques for next year and tucked them in here!

Mudroom storage


A few extra touches in our mudroom make it even better:

1) A sensor light since this is a high-traffic, frequently used area (and easy for the light to be left on).
2) A barn door on the entrance off of our entry foyer. It mostly stays open, but it’s nice to have the option to close it.
3) Hat hooks on the inside of the doors. They also work for hanging things like small bags or sweaters.
4) A bench on the opposite side of the mudroom for storing and putting on shoes.

Mudroom Storage Design

If you are looking to create a custom, organized space in your home, visit STOR-X Kelowna for a consultation—their showroom is amazing! If you love organization, check out more of our house and home ideas, too!

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