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Baby Boy Nursery

I love beautiful baby rooms! But, they can be tricky to keep organized, since there are SO many little things, and, in our case, not a lot of space. Today I’m sharing a little behind the scenes of how we keep things organized in Rowen’s Nautical Nursery.

Just before Rowen was born I had Organize my Space help me through a little nesting and get Rowen’s room organized! If you ever need help getting your organizing underway, check them out! You can see how the process works in this Toy Organizing post. Over the past nine months, I’ve transitioned a few things to better accommodate how fast a baby grows and I’m sharing my current & favourite nursery storage and organization tips!

Nursery Organization Tips

Change table & dresser combo

I’ve shared about our nursery furniture here, but a combo dresser and change table is SO smart for storage and space purposes! I love the different sizes of drawers this dresser has, making the top drawers ideal for smaller baby items, like creams and wipes.  

Baby furniture

Baskets & Bins

Drawer Storage

I have used these fabric drawer organizers in all of our kids’ dressers since day 1! They help to keep clothes folded and organized. I use the narrow ones for onesies, leggings, etc. The smaller cubes work great for socks (plus I use an extra for single socks!). Small plastic container sets are perfect for organizing diaper creams, baby toiletries, etc. 

Baby clothes hack

Baby clothes storage hack

Closet Storage

Decorative baskets (similar here) are great for storing receiving blankets, crib sheets, and things like diapers and wipes. We use day and night diapers, and I have an extra sleeve in the baskets in Rowen’s closet.

Baby closet storage

Baby closet

Sizing and Labels

Initially Rowen’s clothes were organized by size– baby clothes are so teeny and many different sizes fit in his dresser and closet. I’ve found that having only the current size is easier and more efficient. Everything is now organized by section—shirts, overalls, sweaters, t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, etc.  These baby clothes dividers work great, they come based on size (12 month, 18 month, etc.) I just added a new label on them. I also use these simple dividers for the girls’ closet. This is the label maker I use (recommended by Organize my Space!).

Nursery Closet Organization


Outgrown Clothes

Babies grow so quickly and it’s important to have a spot to put anything that’s too small. (Note- I could be a little better at emptying this more often). A large basket in the bottom of the closet works well— I do this for all three of my kids! 

Clothes to Grow Into 

For clothes Rowen will grow into, I have a large under the bed storage underneath his crib. I store things that we won’t need for months, since it is less accessible. Anything that he will grow into soon, or we might need, is in a larger tote in the closet. 

Nursery Closet

I hope these simple storage solutions help you create the perfect nursery space. If you have any questions, drop them below! xo
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  1. I LOVE the nautical themed room you designed. Sooo cute. Good idea on the label maker- I really need to label everything for our next baby. I always knew where everything was and my hubby had no idea!

  2. I absolutely love your colors. These colors will be so easy to transition your baby room into a toddler room, then into a kid’s room – that is if you’re not tired of it by then!

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