Babies Don’t Keep: Keepsakes with Smallprint

Smallprint Fingerprint necklace

What they say is true … babies don’t keep. 

You’ll hear it often … “time goes by so fast when raising kids”. “Blink and they will be teenagers.” It’s not something you can fully appreciate, until you’re in it. Vienna is already six years old and Aria is now four, and I swear they were just babies! And, at only three months old, Rowen is already growing so fast. I get it now. (And also, I kind of want another baby, lol).

When Suzanne from Smallprint Okanagan offered me the opportunity to freeze time and capture a piece of their littleness, I knew it was the perfect fit. Smallprint Okanagan creates precious prints– from fingerprints to footprints, to handwriting, drawing and even paw prints– in handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, silver keepsakes.

Family memories with smallprint

Making Memories

The girls and I visited Suzanne in her home studio to make their prints. The process itself is quick and easy– in only a matter of minutes their little prints were done! The girls loved participating– it is a lot like play dough in their eyes– as Suzanne carefully rolled out small pieces of silver for the girls to impress their little fingers into. She then cuts out the prints with a mini shape cutter and fires them in a kiln, creating a beautiful solid silver piece. Everything from start to finish is handcrafted locally by Suzanne. The special part is that my girls touched and made the exact pieces that hang on my necklace– no moulds are used. When Rowen turned three months, Suzanne visited us for an in-home appointment to get his teeny tiny prints too! It’s the sweetest little memory of his fleeting baby stage. I love how the process is quick, simple, and mess-free, making it easy to do with babies, too.
Smallprint necklace

Custom Designs

The design options are endless; I chose the Descending Duo Original Fingerprint Necklace (except mine is a triple, of course!) with an oval pendant for each of the kids’ prints. The pendants nest perfectly together, making for a great statement piece when combined. Both of my girls love hearing about when they were babies. If I tell a story about one of them, the other is quick to ask what they did at that age. Despite their young ages, they are both a bit nostalgic. It’s no surprise the girls love the finished necklace– always comparing the size of their fingerprints to one another and examining the detailed grooves of their little prints. The back is carefully inscribed with each of their names and ages. I couldn’t ask for a sweeter keepsake of this season of life.
Engraved Smallprint Necklace

Smallprint Custom NecklaceMagic Ink Kits

I also had handprints of the kids made, and footprints for baby Rowen. These are perfect for the baby books, decor, or just tucking away for when they are all grown up. Smallprint uses an inkless print kit– creating mess-free and beautiful prints in just seconds. Gone are the days of messy ink or casting kits! Suzanne has a huge heart and offers these kits by donation to the perinatal unit at our local hospital. Funds raised support families suffering the loss of an infant through the donation of inkless print kits and custom-made hand and footprint keepsakes. This is such a beautiful sentiment and a reflection of the gracious and kind person behind the business. I truly believe Suzanne puts her heart into each piece she creates.

Creating Your Keepsake

When it comes to choosing what to create, there are so many options, from key chains and dog tags, to cuff links and jewelry. You can imprint prints, or even handwriting or drawings– Suzanne simply takes a copy of the work and scales it down. Smallprint pieces are the perfect, meaningful gift for everyone. If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift, you can order until December 8, 2019! If you aren’t local, you can create a keepsake remotely by sending a picture of your prints to Suzanne. Reach out to Suzanne if you have any questions: or 778-215-4992.

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Mama Writes Giveaway

My necklace is such a special keepsake and I’m excited to share this opportunity– Smallprint Okanagan is offering one of my readers a chance to win a custom-made original fingerprint necklace too (valued at $255)! Head over to Instagram @mamawrites or @smallprintokanagan to enter to win! Contest closes November 17, 2019.

The winner of the Smallprint original fingerprint necklace is Instagram follower @loveyourskin_with_amy. Congratulations! 

This post is in partnership with Smallprint Okanagan. All opinions shared are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog! xo

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  1. I would love to have a finger print of my son, to give as a gift to my mom. Who was with me when he was conceived (through iui in a fertility clinic. Not as weird as it sounds ) there when he was born. And has continued being an amazing part of our lives.

  2. This comment is for the contest. I would create a teardrop shaped pendant and have my one year have his print on it…we already have one of him at 6months.

  3. These are wonderful. I have been dreaming of creating my necklace with a little bird and a little bear to represent my two daughters nicknames Lou Bird and Betty Bear

  4. I love the look of the fingerprint bracelets but I would wear the fingerprint necklace the most. I would want one print for every baby I have!

  5. I’d get a fingerprint necklace of my 6 year old and 3 year old’s prints 🙂 it would be such a special piece of jewelry!

  6. I just had my kids prints taken yesterday! It was a really incredible experience with all three of them but I would love to add in my husband’s print as well ❤️

    1. Isn’t is so neat how quick and easy it is and the beautiful end result? That is such a cool idea to add your hubby!

  7. I love this! One day I’d like to create a necklace with each of my kids fingerprints, and a special “print” for our little one who is not with us

  8. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and would love to get a necklace with my new babies print. I have one of my older sons and absolutely love it ❤️

  9. I love the descending duo fingerprint necklace for my two boys . I keep hinting aka telling my husband I want this for Christmas!!

  10. How cool is this idea of the fingerprint necklace! Keeping a piece of your loved one close to your heart ❤️ I would put my toddler’s fingerprint

  11. I would love to create a neckless for my mom, from my two boys! (Their Grandma!) She would absolutely love something like this! <3

  12. Hello! Great blog I have my firstborn son’s fingerprint on a pendant, he passed away at 7 months so it’s one of my most important possessions. I’d love to get one with our second son’s print on it to wear together. Thank you!

  13. This is too sweet. I would love to create a necklace with my babies’ finger prints to cherish forever! Thanks for the chance! Instagram handle is @twolittlemacs

  14. I have a pendant with my firstborn son’s fingerprint, he passed away at 7 months so it’s one of my most important possessions. I’d love to have one for our second son so I could wear them together!

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