It’s a … Baby #3 Gender Reveal!

Gender Reveal

Eeeekkkk. You guys, we did it! We found out the gender of baby number three! I am SO excited to write this post and let you all in on our gender reveal secret! We didn’t find out the sex of our girls, so this was a crazy, fun, new experience for us. Mike was the one who really wanted to know this time around, and I think it will be so helpful to plan for babe’s arrival, especially with how busy we are with the girls. We took this opportunity to get some beautiful family sunset photos too! Thank you to Jamie Taylor Photography for capturing these beautiful images.

Family sunset photo

Family beach photosFamily photo shootFamily sunset photos

The Reveal

We decided last minute while on vacation to find out the gender. So, after a lot of calls and favours (we didn’t even have the gender info with us!) we managed to pull it off just before we left! We did a balloon pop for our gender reveal. We had our wonderful specialist’s office text the balloon place, ordered a giant balloon, found a photographer, and the rest is in the photos below!

Baby gender reveal

Things didn’t go exactly as planned (of course). We hit really bad traffic on our way back to our hotel (after a long, exhausting day out with the girls), we literally ran with our ginormous balloon and kids down to the beach just before the light was gone at sunset. We might have looked like hot messes, but it was still fun! I’m so happy for these photos! I wish we could have had a little more time playing around with the set up and some before shots and videos, because it literally all happened in a hot minute.

Gender balloon revealGender reveal

Baby gender reveal picDisclaimer/Further Information:

Before proceeding with this idea we were assured that an eco-friendly option could be provided. No ties, clips, ribbons (except the ones we are holding and took with us), glitter, or sparkles were used. We used biodegradable paper in large pieces so that we could collect and remove all materials from the beach (turns out this is a fun pick-up game for the kids, too!). Balloons used (the majority of which my children are still desperately hanging on to!) are biodegradable and made from tree sap from the rubber tree. They also combust into tiny shreds when popped (when filled appropriately). Also note that Photoshop was used to increase the confetti and balloons in these images for effect purposes. The company providing the materials assured us of the safety and was keen to accommodate no materials being left behind.

Pink or Blue?

I’ve shared in our announcement that we weren’t trying for a boy or girl. Vienna and Mike voted team BLUE (only after Mike convinced V that a sister would start taking her stuff as they got older. As if he knows). Aria and I were team PINK. I was starting to dream of having three little girls (everyone was telling me it was a girl!) Plus, we are totally set for girl stuff. And, well, Aria just really didn’t want a boy. She knows what she wants, that one. Vienna insisted on wearing a blue bow and that Aria wear pink for the occasion!

Big sister photos

Baby sister

Mother daughter photo

And the Baby Is…

Are you ready? Have I dragged this out enough?! I am crazy nervous, excited, happy, terrified to announce it’s a….









Baby Gender Reveal

Baby Boy RevealBaby Boy RevealBOY! What?! Our reactions are spot on: Mike: so flipppppping happy. Me: complete shock. Vienna: wish granted! Aria: well, you can see her scouring the beach for a pink balloon still.

Thanks for following along with our fun reveal! And special thanks to Jamie Taylor Photography for capturing our family so beautifully. Did you find out the gender of your babies when you were pregnant? What were your reactions? xo

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  1. Soo excing! Congratulations on baby boy! Such a sweet addition and either way baby was bound to be loved and welcomed (Aria will come around Lool)

  2. This is such a fun photo shoot! What a fun memory to make on your vacation! I love the balloon inside the big black balloon so it’s not just confetti coming out.

  3. These pictures are beautiful and I don’t see any hot messes or signs they were rushed at all!!! And boys are so fun (trust me, I’m a mom to three of them. Haha) Congratulations!!!!!

  4. I love the expressions on your face! These pictures are truly priceless! Congratulations on your sweet baby boy and I’m sure by the time he comes home Aria will be all on board! Many blessings to you for a continued healthy pregnancy!

  5. How fun! And congrats! I have three boys and we found out the sex for all three of them, but back then, no one did gender reveals, such a fun trend! Love it! Enjoy:) You have a beautiful family!!

  6. Beautiful photos! This post made me so happy. It brought me back to the joy of being pregnant and that feeling of wanting to know the baby’s gender.

    1. We got the balloon from a local (Oahu) balloon company! Our Dr’s office sent them the gender so we had no clue, they took care of it all! xo

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