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Pregnancy Announcement

One, two, …… THREE! We are so excited to announce that Baby number 3 is joining our family this year! It has been a long road of getting this little nugget on board, and we are so happy to be able to finally announce our big news! Life is about to get a whole lot crazier and we are so excited to share our journey with you. Thank you so much to everyone for their love and excitement on our big announcement!

Below I’m answering everyone’s questions about baby and pregnancy number THREE! Thanks for playing along over on Instagram! Plus, I’m sharing some more fun photos taken by the talented Nicole Meszaros Photography. Nicole has two littles of her own and snapped these cute shots in a matter of minutes with the girls! Be sure to check out her new website and family  day mini sessions coming up 😉

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Baby #3 Q & A

Here are the most popular questions everyone is asking!

Q: Did you always want three? A: Not really. I always thought I’d have two, I have one sister. Somewhere along the way that changed to 3 and we couldn’t be more excited!

Pregnancy Announcement

Q: Are the girls excited?
A: Look at those faces! So excited! They can’t wait to become big sisters!

new baby announcement

Q: Are you hoping for a boy? / Were you trying for a boy?

A: Probably the most common question. While my husband would probably love a boy to balance out this girl-dominated house, we are really just excited to complete our family! No, we were not specifically trying for a boy.

Q: Will you find out the gender?

A: Yes! We didn’t with either of the girls, but this time around we will. Our Dr.’s office already has the answer, we just haven’t peeked yet!

Q: How are you possibly holding out when someone else knows the gender?

A:  I didn’t want to find out over the phone without Mike (we were getting some other test results back at the same time), and we aren’t really in a rush. I also feel that everything changes from that moment on and I’m totally ok with enjoying this moment for now!

pregnancy announcement

Q: Is your pregnancy different this time around?
A: No. All three pregnancies (so far) have been exactly the same.

Pregnancy announcement

And perhaps my favourite of all…

Q: Are you worried about not driving normal cars again? / Are you going to get a mini van?
A: HA! We aren’t on the van train quite yet… Or should we be?! (I mean I’m tempted by the number of cup holders alone).

Baby Announcement Photos

Thanks as always for following along, and sharing this new joy and adventure with us! xo

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