Toy Favourites: Holiday Gift Guide for the Littles

Can you believe that Christmas is just over a month away? We are so excited– the Christmas season is so much more fun every year older the girls get! I’m sharing a few of our most loved toys, great for ages 2-5. Of all the toys we have these are the most well played with over the years. I hope you find some fun ideas for the littles on your list!

Gift Guide for the Littles



Favourite Toys: Gift Guide for the Little

  1. Plasma Car
    This was the toy of Christmas last year at our house. My friend’s older kids used theirs for years, this is a great long-term toy! As long as you are ok with your kids rolling around the house on this (if you have snow at Christmas, like us), then this is so fun on Christmas morning, and it comes in a variety of colours!
  2. Nesting Dolls
    Nesting dolls are such a great learning toy for little kids! Both of the girls have received a set for Christmas before and they are well played with.
  3. Magnetic Tiles/Blocks
    These tiles are great for encouraging creativity and play. Lego can be a bit too small still (and tricky, I mean, those instruction kits?!) but these are fairly easy for kids to build independently.
  4. Play Kitchen
    The Kitchen has seen so much use in our house over the years! A couple of simple tips: 1) less is more, don’t let the kitchen be filled with too many dishes and accessories, or they won’t be able to play! 2) Move it around: our kitchen gets the most use when it is in a new spot every so often.
  5. Bead/Jewelry Set
    Vienna just got into beading and jewelry making, and she could spend hours on it! I love the fun letters in this set, since starting Kindergarten she has been doodling names everywhere.
  6. Doll House
    The girls got this doll house for Christmas last year. I love how beautiful it looks, and it is so versatile– they play with everything in it: Calico CrittersHape DollsLori Dolls! Similar style here. 
  7. Marble Run
    This is the perfect toy to play with with your kids– the girls often pull this out and the whole family builds marble runs.
  8. Foam
    Not playdoh and not clay, but foam! We love creating fun shapes with this stuff!
  9. Kids’ Table & Chairs
    The girls have had this for years and they do everything at it– from hot chocolate dates to endless crafting! Vienna is now starting to outgrow it (age 5), but we have had years of use out of this simple set. Plus this one is on $40 off right now! Start the car!
  10. Monthly Activity Box Subscription
    The girls are both so into creating and crafting lately, they do this more often than they play with toys. We love the idea of a monthly box with fun activities that encourages imagination, creation, and play! Kiwi co has a variety of different boxes specific for each age group!

On Our List~

This year the girls have asked for a few specific items. V would like an LOL Doll Kit and Aria would like a “Baby with a soother and a bottle,” and “a puppy with a leash and a collar.” I think Aria will love this little doll. We always do stocking stuffers filled with small items and products they need or use, and a few art supplies, too! Plus, I’ve already scooped up these Christmas Jammies, on sale for Black Friday!

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  1. Kids always seem to be drawn to that kitchen set! This one is a new and improved version, very nice! Great list, I love the simplicity of some of these gifts, I hope it’s a trend we keep seeing more of. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this roundup! I actually bought #9 a couple of years ago for my littlest, and he ended up taking out the center part and sitting in the mesh part with his legs crossed LOL the mesh finally gave, but the table lasted us quite some time!

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