Halloween Bookshelf Favourites

Halloween Bookshelf

One of our favourite ways to celebrate the holidays is with books, and our Halloween book collection is definitely a family favourite! This collection is perfect for kids aged kindergarten and up. These books are filled with fun story lines, little mysteries, and beautiful illustrations. And, it’s no surprise that two ballerina zombie books make the list– chosen by Miss V of course!

Halloween Books for Kids

Franklin’s Halloween Paulette Bourgeois
Franklin and his friends are excited to dress up for their school Halloween party. Lot’s of fun is had, but did Franklin see a real ghost? Follow along as Franklin and his friends discover who is beneath each costume.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Kara McMahon 
A classic Halloween story not to be missed! It’s Halloween night and Linus is certain the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the right pumpkin patch to deliver toys to all the children. But is he in the right pumpkin patch? Will the Great Pumpkin show up after all, or will Linus miss all the Halloween party fun?

No Such Thing Ella Bailey
Georgia notices some things are slightly out of place, but it couldn’t be ghosts, could it? Not for Georgia! She has explanations for everything, and no fear of ghosts! But can you see the ghosts on each page up to no good? We especially love spotting the hiding ghosts, and the beautiful illustrations in this book.

Vampire Ballerina Anne Marie Pace
This is a fun sweet story with advice for aspiring ballerinas– from the perspective of a new Vampire ballerina! With some suddle differences– dance classes at night, and a “full days sleep”– it’s a great little story about trying hard, being different, and overcoming your fears.

Zombelina Kristyn Crow
A book all about a Zombie who loves to dance! Zombelina is a talented ballerina who becomes struck with stage freight during her first recital. But with the help of her family cheering her on she makes the ballet debut of her dreams. This is a fun, rhyming story sure to capture the attention of any little dancers!

We hope you enjoy these books filled with ghosts, zombies, and Halloween fun! For more favourites, see our Halloween Books for Babes collection. xo


Mama Writes


  1. I loved reading these recommendations. Some of them are old favorites and others are new to me. As a former teacher, I always on the lookout for fun, holiday themed children’s books. Happy Halloween!

  2. I love that Charlie Brown is still something being passed down from generation to generation. My mom grew up with it, I grew up with it, and now this next generation of kids is getting to experience it!

  3. I love reading holiday themed books with my children too, I need to get a couple of Halloween books! The Zombie dancing book sounds fun and Charlie Brown is always in the rotation…it’s a classic!

  4. Not strictly Halloween themed but I loved Roal Dahl’s book when I was a kid (and I’m super easily scared, they were fine for me), The Witches was my favourite!

  5. Aww I love reading. These are such cute book! my boyfriends best friend just told us he is having a baby! so cant wait to buy them books!

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