Back to School: Kindergarten Ready!

Kindergarten List

I cannot believe my first baby will be heading off to Kindergarten this year! I have a five year old? I’m in total disbelief. Miss V on the other hand is so ready for Kindergarten. She’s been writing notes for her teacher and putting them into her back pack all week. The cutest.  This is a list of our top five kindergarten must-haves! Read on if you’re getting ready for back to school and needs some tried and tested products!

Kindergarten Back to School List

  1. Back Pack

    You’ll see a lot of information about what is the best backpack that you’ll get the most life out of. If this is your goal, I’ve seen many recommendations for Mec backpacks. While I appreciate the need to waste less and re-use more, I also kinda think that picking out your back pack is almost like a back-to-school right of sorts. I still remember going on shopping trips with my Mom and sister and picking out our supplies. It’s genius (not to mention efficient!) that most schools now do this in bulk for a small school fee, so we are hanging on to the backpack selection for now. Vienna was over the moon picking out her Kindergarten back pack. She chose this adorable back pack, lunch bag duo. I may have strategically avoided the sequin section.

    School Tip: Choose a back pack that is big enough for the large library books, art work, etc. to come home and has at least two pockets. Our kids have a “brain break” snack in the morning, and if their lunch is all packed together they can’t always distinguish between lunch and snack at Kindergarten age. Keep it simple and pack their snack separately so they can find it easily.

  2. Labels

    We are using these Mabel’s Label’s to keep track of our girls’ things. I love how they are dishwasher safe and contain different size options– perfect for labeling everything from shoes and clothing to lunch containers!
    *This post contains affiliate links (Mabels Labels) and I receive a small compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links! Thanks for supporting the brands that make this space possible!

  3. Indoor Shoes

    Choose shoes that your child can easily get on and off on their own. We love Toms– the Velcro is easy for little ones and they look super cute with dresses too 😉 We also love Toms’ mission to give back to communities and people in need.

  4. Water Bottle

    We have tried every water bottle on the planet. Can any Moms relate? Our favourites are: Sip n Swell– the larger base prevents spills, and the attached lid prevents me from losing my mind in the morning hunting for a lid. I also love that I can rinse these with boiling water to sanitize them. We also love this Pottery Barn thermos, which is simple for kids to use, dishwasher safe, and super cute!

  5. Lunch Box

    Not surprisingly, we have tried all the lunch kits too. There’s nothing worse then a lid that won’t shut properly, the snaps break off, or is too hard for your kids to open. We love the Yum Box– seals like a dream and it’s easy to use. We like the Panino version best- perfect for including a sandwich and a few smaller snack items. If you are local, pick these up at Scallywags in Kelowna! We also love the Bentago, we purchased the tray with extra lid rather than the full box and it is much more affordable, lighter to pack, and works equally great! For little ones going to preschool who only require a snack, I like these simple, deeper lunch boxes that I can fit a yogurt, spoon and some small snacks into.

If you’re a fellow first time Kindergarten Mama like me, stay tuned for an interview with a Kindergarten teacher coming up next week! This big steps seems hard on the Mama heart, but I know that my girl will love it so much. Happy back to school! xo



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  1. Thank you for these awesome
    Suggestions! We bought a yum box to try out and they look amazing and I did end up getting a small MEC backpack but I did not think of the larger library books fitting, so thank you for that suggestion as well! I might need to switch it up

    1. Yay! Daveena will love the Yumbox! We are already testing out some of the Bento boxes from this cook book and I’ll happily share them too if you’d like! Happy first day to Davenna, we know she will do great! xo

  2. These are such great items. I love that bento box recipe book and definitely going to try out those labels. My daughter is in preschool and her name must be put on everything.

    1. Thanks Anna! This cookbook is great! There is something about having easy recipes on hand (without having to print or look them up) that makes me more likely to test them out! We are really enjoying the recipes. These labels are also so good- they’ve already withstood water and the wash with no problems!

  3. We’re in the same boat! My older daughter started kindergarten last week, and we had to get some new supplies. So far I’m liking the Cat & Jack lunchbox/bento box from Target. And I like Camelback water bottles – they’re so sturdy!

    1. We live in Canada and we don’t have Target anymore… I know, so sad right? Wish we could check out that lunch box, we were big target fans!

    1. So far so good Corinne! I love the size- manageable yet big enough and it seems to be pretty well made to sustain some wear and tear!

    1. They are such a good investment! We are really liking these ones- durable enough to stay on a lifejacket used while swimming!

    1. It’s such a great book too! I’ve already started making some of the recipes and so far they are a hit! I don’t know what it is about having a cook book on hand, but I’m much more likely to make something from this than something I save online!

    1. Thanks Nicole! Those Bento boxes are so great to make sure they are getting a good variety! I hope you guys had a great start back to school!

  4. So many things to think about with little ones! I’m not at that stage in my life yet, but this seems like a great resource for those who are! I also am a fan of Bento boxes so not such if that means I’m a 5 year old or just trendy! 🙂

  5. Looks like you guys are ready, and you have a lot of great things for being prepared. We love Mabel’s Labels – my daughter has a food allergy and we are really careful about her lunches and other foods.

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