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Easter basket for kids

While I haven’t really given much thought to which holiday I like next best after Christmas, I’d have to say it is probably Easter. I don’t know if its the addicting mini-eggs talking (seriously, what is in those things?!) or the fact that signs of spring are popping up all around, or maybe it’s because baskets are just a spring version of Christmas stockings, am I right?

I love putting together sweet little baskets for the kids! I mix in a few quality toys, like the wooden play camera from Smiling Tree Toys or Calico critters bunny familyor baby bunny twins (which I know the girls will love for their dollhouse!),  along with things we will always use, like bows, bubbles, bath bombs, and Easter egg sidewalk chalk!

The girls always get a holiday book– after Easter we put these books away until the following year and it’s fun to have a special holiday book collection to bring out each year. Spring accessories– usually socks and hair clips– are always a win too. And of course we can’t forget a few little treats, we love these pretty little chocolate eggs and Annie’s organic fruit snacks and how cute are those vintage little tins for stuffing with treats?

Scroll on for some Easter basket inspiration, and be sure to check out last year’s baskets for some toddler ideas!

Easter Basket for Girls

Easter Basket for Boys

Wooden Play Camera

Easter BasketWhat do you put in your kids’ baskets? I hope you enjoy these sweet items as much as we do! xo

Wooden Camera c/o Smiling Tree Toys// Calico Critters // Easter Head Band // (similar)Easter Egg Tin // Spring Socks // Country Bunny Book // Bath Bomb // Happy & Hoppy Book

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  1. Such a fun spin on the Easer basket! My mom always put a non-candy treat in my basket and that’s what I always looked forward to!

    1. Books are my favourite too! It’s so nice changing up the book shelf with our growing Easter collection each year!

    1. Thanks Ayanna, that’s the goal! Holidays and candy just gets to be WAY too much sugar for two and four year olds so we try our best to avoid it!

  2. My daughter loves Calico Critters, too! These are all such sweet, thoughtful ideas for Easter basket gifts! This year, I have a mix of educational stuff, a few fillers from Target’s dollar spot area, a little candy, and books. 🙂

    1. That’s great to hear Carly, my daughters haven’t had the Calico Critters yet but I’m excited for them! Sounds like a great basket, I WISH we still had target in Canada for that very reason!

  3. My toddler would love this basket. Oddly enough, she would forgo the little candy eggs if she could have little egg shaped rocks. She is obsessed with rocks!

  4. Love the inspiration! We also do books! I’m thinking hatchimals instead of candy so let’s see how it goes!

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