Easter Baskets for the Girls

Spring is here and we’re getting ready for our next holiday festivities (of course!) I love holidays, and having the girls has taken this to a whole new level. #sorrynotsorry. I’m a sucker for holiday anything.

I put the girls’ Easter baskets together this weekend and they turned out so sweet! Yes, my kids don’t need anything, but no, I’m not willing to forgo holidays in favor of minimalism. I enjoy it too much! I am however becoming more mindful of what goes into the basket (read: not random throw away junk, but stuff that we use or need –save for the Shopkins this year– because apparently that is the thing for V). I’m also getting smarter and buying more of the same things for the girls despite their age difference, especially since lately they have to have what the other has.

My top picks this year are books, of course, (this year’s choices found here and here, along with some mini board books for A), some matching spring bracelets for the little divas, these spring-inspired resealable snack cups (hallelujah, no more stale bunny crackers!), some fun new felts and sidewalk chalk, and the best bubbles. I’m not a big fan of stuffed toys (does anyone else have these accumulating like crazy?) but I couldn’t resist the spring Jellycat littles— SO cute!

Every holiday seems to bring tons of sugar and candy, and, while I’m not opposed to holiday baking (clearly) and some treats, I’m also not a fan of the endless, week-long candy “negotiations” for V. We don’t do tons of candy, but I choose this brand of fruit snacks for their Easter eggs and they’re a total hit!

This weekend we’ll be baking and decorating sugar cookies (our fave any holiday activity) and we’ll have our annual Easter Egg Roll. My Gramma did this as a kid and I’ve grown up rolling Easter eggs every year, too. (In a nutshell: my uber competitive family rolls eggs down a ramp and tries to knock out opponents and win their eggs… we even play for money!) Despite sounding like total crazy people, it’s so fun.

And what would Easter be without matching jammies for the girls? (Go ahead and insert that little monkey covering its eyes emoji here…my pajama addiction is becoming a serious problem). But these ones might just be my most favorite ones yet 😉

Happy Easter! xo

Below: 1. V’s basket (age 3.5) 2. A’s basket (age 1.5)

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  1. My Easter baskets growing up were always meaningful items. Not just candy. As I got older my mom gave us things like nail polish and hair ties. I always enjoyed my baskets.

    1. I like the idea of meaningful items too Lee! And we could always use more hair ties and nail polish around here too! 😉

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