Little Library: Valentine’s Books for Preschoolers

Valentines Books to read with preschoolers

Happy February– the month for all things love and kindness! Our first Valentine’s Day Little Library book round-up is for the preschoolers! These books have heartfelt messages, beautiful illustrations, and a few familiar faces from book series that this age group loves to read! We are always encouraging our kids to be kind, and it’s wonderful to read these thoughtful stories together that encourage kindness. We hope you LOVE these as much as we do! Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

Valentine’s Books for Preschoolers

Franklin’s Valentines Paulette Bourgeois
Our daughter loves the Franklin series! These books always have a good message, and the story line easily holds the attention of a preschooler. This series is nice transition between toddler board books and longer stories. Franklin’s Valentines is all about caring, friendship, and being thoughtful– the perfect lesson for your little Valentine.

I Love You More Laura Duksta
This sweet story shares a parent and a child’s perspective on what love looks like. Full of fun rhyming comparisons, you can read this book from either side (perspective) with its flip-in-the-center format.

One Love Cedella Marley
When Vienna was a baby, my husband always rocked her to sleep to Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds. Every time I read this book it reminds me of that sweet time with our first baby. I love the beautiful illustrations in this book, and it’s not everyday you find a great kids’ book based on Bob Marley lyrics!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! Laura Numeroff
The famous mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is back, making special Valentine’s Day cards for all of his animal friends. It’s short and sweet, and Vienna loves seeing what the Mouse is up to lately 😉

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings Jo Witek
This is such great book for preschoolers as they learn about their feelings and emotions: it’s all about the many feelings you will have in your heart, from happiness and excitement to shy or angry. I’m sure anyone with a four year old can attest to those to the BIG preschooler emotions. The illustrations are eye-catching and the  heart cut out through the book makes it interesting and fun. I highly recommend this one for your preschooler!


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  1. Oh my goodness, THROWBACK. I forgot all about Franklin, but I loved him as a kid!! I’ll have to send this list to my sister, I think my nephew would like them. :))

  2. These are fabulous recommendations! Thanks so much for sharing! My oldest son (now 13) loved the Franklin books– I can still hear the theme song in my head.

    1. Thanks Karen! It’s so funny how many people recall Franklin from years ago- we usually include a book on each of our holiday lists because the kids really do love him!

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