The Little Big Things: Age 3.5

With Vienna’s first year of preschool wrapping up, I wanted to capture a few memories of her at this age. Although they’re about nothing substantial per se, these are my favourite posts to look back on.

Miss V, or “Nenna” to her little sister, is now 3.5. She is still the sweetest girl with the biggest heart (three-nager tantrums aside). She loves to play, especially outside, and she still has that sweet tooth, just like her Dad. Lot’s of people say she is tall for her age and people are forever shocked that this blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby girl is mine.

V is still a chatterbox, but her little toddler pronunciations are few and far between lately. Every now and again there’s a new one: noon-i-corn (unicorn) is the latest, which literally had me laughing out loud; “ressert” (dessert); “bacuum” (vacuum); and we’re pretty much never letting go of “gar-gibs” (garbage) … we’ve just adjusted so the whole family says it this way so we never have to give it up 😉 Right now she’s also big into nicknames: “Mom, this is Monk. He used to be Monkey, but I just like to call him Monk. You know, like a nickname.” So. Cute.

I love having conversations with V while we are out for a walk, her memory is incredible and, with her new-found preschool knowledge, she’s talking a big talk, you know, about things like trips to the moon and the “morphis” of a caterpillar. It’s so darn cute and so amazing to see her grow, learn, and change, although part of me wishes she’d just stay little forever.

Vienna loves to read and still wakes up at the crack of dawn. Some days I hear her at 6 am and she’s reading every book in her room. V loves to colour and draw and it’s so cute to see how much even this little thing changes over the course of a year– mad scribbles, to lines and dots, to carefully colouring inside the lines. Pretty cute stuff. Her big dream right now is to play soccer when she grows up (“like Kadence”– our friend’s daughter). V just finished her first ballet lessons, which were really adorable, although a game of tag will win equal (if not more) smiles from her.

Vienna had a wonderful first year at preschool and became best buds with the sweetest little boy. Her teacher says she never would have guessed shy little Vienna and energetic little Jordie would hit it off so well, but they are two peas in a pod.

Three has been a year of emotions, that’s for sure. If V’s upset, she’ll be sure to tell you that you’ve “hurt her heart.” It’s pretty sweet, but certainly doesn’t help with the Mom guilt. Whoever deemed the twos terrible didn’t wait to see what three would bring.

Vienna loves her one-on-one time and her all time favorite thing is when we play board games together (so much that she cannot possibly fall asleep afterwards). She loves Aria, too, and refers to her in the most affectionate terms, “my little darlin'” is one of my personal faves. We’ve started playing “i spy” at bedtime and she gets so excited she hugs me throughout the game and squeals with excitement. And, when we finally tuck V in and blow a kiss from the door, she reaches up and shouts “Got it! In my pocket” and swipes it into her pretend pocket. Heart. Melting.

All these little things, they are the BIG things right now. These are the things that I want to hold on tight to, and never, ever forget.





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