School Days 2019

It’s that time of year again: the end of a schedule-free summer and time to dust off the blog and share our annual back to school update! This year has been a big change for us as we welcomed baby Rowen to the family in July. Needless to say September has been met as a welcomed change with the promise of routines and a little more structure after our big adjustment to a new baby at home. Both girls were very excited to head back to school and see all of their friends and start their fall activities. We can’t wait to see how much they learn and grow this next year!

Vienna, Grade 1

It’s hard to believe Miss V is already in Grade 1! Vienna still loves art, and has also been practicing reading. She’s very excited to be able to read on her own and has been memorizing books all summer. She was especially excited to pick out her new outfit (flippy sequins of course) and backpack (HAD to have a waist buckle on it). She loves riding her bike and wants to start riding to school.

Aria, Preschool

Aria is in her second year of pre-school. She loves to explore outdoors and play all things family/house. This summer she mastered writing her name and is so incredibly proud. Aria loves ballet and is obsessed with wearing sparkly shoes (she calls them tap shoes) and fancy dresses– so there’s no surprise what her first day of school outfit choice was! Aria cannot wait to start ballet again.


Back to school preschool

First day of school

A New Year, A New Routine

This year looks a bit different as I’m home on maternity leave. Mornings are a little less rushed and we have been walking to school each day, which has been a breath of fresh air (literally!) Activities begin in full swing this week and before we know it we will be wishing for the plan-less days of summer. Each year I ask the girls the same back to school questions and I love looking back to see how much they’ve changed. Take a look at last year’s responses, or skip back to the days of just Vienna in this post or her first year of preschool here. Those posts are so incredibly cute and this will forever be one of my favourite back to school traditions.


How old are you?
V: 5 and a half
A: 3

What is your favourite food?
V: Mussels and strawberries
A: Grapes and strawberries

What is your favourite toy?
V: Rollie Polly (she actually remembers this from her response last year)
A: The baby (lol)

What do you like to do for fun?
V: Play with Aria
A: Hug mama

What is your favourite colour?
V: Purple, yellow and red and pink
A: Rainbow

What do you love the most?
V: Monkey
A: All of them

Where is your favourite place to go?
V: Unicorn land
A: To mommy’s work

What do you want to be when you grow up?
V: A teacher and also a soccer teacher
A: A teacher for ballet

This Mama is also a little excited for routine, as I hope to get back into regular blogging with a little more time to spare. Stay tuned for more content to come, and if you have any topic suggestions leave them in the comments! Wishing you all a fabulous start to the school year! xo

Mama Writes


  1. Your girls are too cute! I love how their personalities shine through in these pictures. This interview is such a great way to preserve this special time.

  2. Your little girls are so adorable. And you’ve captured their personality so well in the pictures. Indeed, treasure these moments and conversations as the girls grow up.

  3. Your girls are adorable. You’ve captured their personalities so well in the pictures. Glad you are capturing these moments because the girls will grow up so quickly. Love the response about mommy’s work being her favorite place to go 🙂 Great idea to track their favorite activities. They will enjoy reading them much later in life.

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