Not Another Manic Morning

I love me a slow Sunday morning. Staying in pjs, sipping coffee, and taking my sweet time to get the day started. I mean, that is until the kids start fighting 😉 Nonetheless, maybe it’s Sunday’s fault that Monday mornings get such a bad rap. Monday can feel like a hard shift back to reality, but, a few simple changes to your morning routine can start your week off on a positive note.

On Monday I’m back to the office, the kids are back to school or daycare, and we are out of the door around 7:40 am– our weekday routine is in full effect.

Getting out of the house with little kids can be a challenge to say the least. And, this doesn’t matter if I’m heading to work in the morning or trying to make it out for a birthday party on a Saturday afternoon. Hell, we’ve even had struggles getting to a meet and greet with Anna and Elsa at their musical, and we all know the bribery potential for something of that caliber. There is just something about kids, leaving the house, and being on time for anything that is a challenge. So –first things first– cut yourself some slack and lose the Mom guilt if you’re feeling pressured about leaving the house in the morning with your kids.

A squirmy toddler as you try to wrangle their hair into a ponytail, a misplaced boot, or a spilled coffee in your morning haste can easily set your day off wrong. I get it, Mama, I’ve been there. And I’ve handled it with a lot less grace than I’d like to admit: snapping at my kids and then feeling overwhelmed with guilt for my in-the-moment actions five minutes later. The last thing I want to do is start their day off on the wrong foot, which is why our morning routine has become so important. With a little preparation, these days our mornings are a breeze  and on Mondays we are excited to start a fresh new week!

Want to join us? Here’s how:

Easy Mornings for Moms on the Go

Prep the Night Before

It’s so obvious, but so key. At the end of the day all items come in from the car and are put away. V’s (age 4) job is to empty her school back-pack, and put her shoes and coat away. Backpacks are reloaded with the essentials, lunches are packed, and outfits are hung. We have a fun little place in each girl’s room to hang their outfit for the next day (hang everything, socks and underwear included!) And Mamas, pick out your clothes, too! It’s such a time saver.

Easy Mornings with Kids

Give Yourself Time

Try to be ready by the time your kids wake-up. Not ideal for everyone, I know, especially if you have early risers. But, whenever I do this it is the Smoothest. Morning. Ever. I’m not torn between getting myself ready and spending time with my kids. I also listen to a podcast while I’m getting ready: there’s nothing more refreshing than starting the day with a positive mindset.

Do Breakfast Right 

I never like to rush my kids through eating. Some days, the time frame from when the girls wake up to when we leave the house isn’t enough time to allow them to enjoy their meal. On those days they don’t have breakfast at home: I give them something small and healthy– usually a smoothie or fruit– and they eat the remainder of breakfast at daycare. If you have an early start and kids in daycare, I highly recommend asking your care provider if your kids can have breakfast when they arrive.

Here are some morning breakfast time-savers:

  • Smoothie Packs: I always have a protein shake for breakfast, and my kids love having a smoothie just like Mama! I pre-prep smoothie packs for them and we all leave the house with a smoothie in hand.
  • Spelt Flour Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes: Make on Sunday and refrigerate or freeze the left overs for the week! My littlest has also been known to swipe these off the counter on our way out the door 😉
  • Mini (healthy) muffins

Breakfast for kids

Set Your Routine 

It’s no secret that kids love routine, so find a flow that works and stick to it. In my house, morning gummies are a big hit. My kids have to have their boots and jackets on before I’ll hand over the gummies and smoothies, and this routine makes the flow a lot easier. Think about how you move in the mornings and where things need to be/be done to help with the flow. Also consider removing what conflicts with your flow: morning TV is a no-go in our house. TV completely changes my daughter’s mood and it’s counterproductive to getting anyone going.

Go With the Flow

Remember that getting out the door with small children is no easy feat. Sometimes things won’t go exactly as planned and that’s to be expected: toddlers aren’t known for their even-keeled personalities or predictability, amiright? Change the conversation about mornings: don’t make it about rushing and lateness but more about a good start to your day. Get your kids involved and give everyone a role to help out: packing bags; handing out vitamins; making smoothies; feeding your pets, etc. Allowing my kids to help and be part of the process makes them want to join in!

Morning Routine with Kids

Here’s to smoother mornings, happy families, and maybe five extra minutes to pick up a coffee. You got this, Mama!

xo, Raina

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    1. It makes a HUGE difference! When I have to pick out my outfit and/or steam it in the morning it all goes down the drain. Evening prep is key!

  1. My goal for this summer is no more manic mornings on the way to camp. Prepping the night before is key for me, as well as getting enough rest so I’m not so darn crabby in the morning!

  2. I love the smoothie pack idea! I do this for myself; it helps me get to work on time with a yummy and healthy breakfast in hand!

    1. So true Jazz. I need it even more with my little girls, but even just for me it makes a world of difference. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. She just loves to pick out what she’s wearing. Sometimes I surprise her by hanging something new or something I know she loves and she’s so happy!

  3. These are awesome tips! As a working mama on the go I can totally relate to each of these suggestions! As well as the need for a lazy weekend every once in awhile.

    1. Thanks Meredith! I hated the idea of struggling with time in the morning as a working Mama, but now I know that starting everyone’s day right and with a good mindset is what matters most! Hope these help!

  4. I love the idea of getting kids involved and giving them a role to help out! It teaches them responsibility, and makes things go a little smoother in the mornings!

    1. So true Jessica! My girls love the jobs and you’re right, the added responsibility is great! We just did our kindergarten orientation and they suggested a lot of the little jobs both of my girls are already doing!

    1. LOL thanks Shani! It’s pretty normal for us given my work hours (which I choose, I like the early start for now!)

  5. Waking up before my kids and being as prepared as possible (laying out clothes, having a breakfast menu planned) really makes our mornings easy. When I drop the ball, bad things happen!

  6. These are such good tips! I implement some of them myself and it helps so much. One of my favorite things to do is get my bag ready for the following day and pick out my clothes! Such a time saver!

    1. Agreed Katie! Taking those little details out of the morning rush makes a huge difference! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. This is brilliant. I’ve pinned it as I know some of my readers need this and certainly have been there too! Well said Momma!

  8. I’m not a mama, but I still feel like I can apply some of these things to my morning routines (i.e. podcast and preparing the night before). Wonderful post!

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