Little Library: Christmas Stories for Kids

Round two of our Christmas Little Readers’ list includes books perfect for your preschooler, or kids aged 4-7! Vienna loves Christmas stories, and I love finding new books with meaningful messages for her collection. We save these longer books for when baby sis is in bed and it’s such a nice thing to cozy up and do together, especially during the busy holiday season. For books perfect for younger babies, check out our Baby’s First Christmas Library!

Christmas Stories for Little Kids

Franklin’s Christmas Paulette Bourgeois
Franklin tries to find a gift to donate to the toy drive at his school. At first everything seems too special to give away, and then nothing seems special enough. This story is perfect for instilling a sense of sharing and thoughtfulness at Christmas. Our family does something each Christmas to give back and this story is such a good way to help Vienna understand the concept of giving and donating.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Dr. Seuss
Who can resist this Christmas classic about  Christmas spirit? We love pairing this book with a fun movie night with the original Grinch movie!

Madeline’s Christmas Ludwig Bemelmans
Vienna loves the original Madeline book, so we knew this Christmas version would be a hit. All the girls are sick in bed, except Madeline who has to run the school. She gets some magical help to send the girls on an adventure home to their families for Christmas.

Olive the Other Reindeer Vivian Walsh
A cute story about a little dog named Olive who gets to be one of Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve night. Even though Olive can’t fly, bringing him along was a good idea as he helps Santa make Christmas a success.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Rick Bunsen
This Little Golden Book series has become a favourite in our house, sharing all the stories that I remember from my childhood. This book is the retelling of the classic 1964 show. To be honest, I always found that show a little …. weird? But this story is pretty cute and great for Vienna’s age. At first the other reindeer make fun of Rudolph and his nose and won’t include him in their games, but then he saves the day when the weather is too bad to see and Santa needs him and his nose to guide his sleigh.

This selection provides a few meaningful stories, mixed with some fun and some Christmas magic, perfect for your curious preschooler! Enjoy! xo

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  1. These are perfect for my niece, I got her 2 of these for Christmas. I’ll be adding the others to my list! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! My daughter just loves these! I can’t wait to see how her Christmas library grows as she does! 🙂

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