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Sometimes I think about this online world of ours and how so much of our social lives are online. I’ve made some amazing connections and I truly have friends in this online community. I look forward to seeing the latest posts of their kiddos, reading a funny story from their day, or exchanging advice mama to mama. The best connections often arise when we really get to know someone, the person behind that pretty Instagram feed.

This month I am excited to feature a collaboration that encourages us to tell our stories. Because really, what’s more fun than reppin’ your own life?! I’ve been on a journey to be me this year, and this collaboration is a perfect fit.

I met the beautiful designer behind Ebb & Flow Jewelry, Cambria, and her work was love at first sight. I instantly picked out a Love Bar Necklace, a beautiful, simple statement piece. When I learned a bit more about Cambria and her story, I knew our meeting was no coincidence. Cambria created her first personalized necklaces for her family after her stepfather’s passing as something personal that they could wear every day to remember him and cherish for years to come. What a beautiful sentiment. I’ve often looked for something just like this in remembrance of my Mom.

Each Ebb & Flow Jewelry piece is hand-stamped and customized with an initial, word(s), or symbol. My story is really centered around my family.



09.10.11: Our wedding anniversary. I am so lucky to have a loving and supportive husband.

Vienna: my oldest daughter and the babe who first made me a Mama. Fun name facts: Vienna means “from wine country” (true!) but we specifically liked the reference of Austria’s capital city Vienna, as my Great Grandfather had Austrian roots. I’ve also seen references to a Celtic meaning of “white or fair” which is also panning out fairly accurate (blonde babe featured in these photos).

Aria: my second daughter, born two years and one day after her big sister. Aria means “air” in Italian and in music it is the solo in an opera (despite people thinking we named her after a Game of Thrones character). And this little dancing, music lovin’ babe is turning out to suit hers just fine.

Pura Vida: This one is for my Mom, and reflects my Dad too. When my Mom passed away suddenly 11 years ago, we used the phrase Pura Vida at her memorial. It translates to “pure life” in Spanish, and is a phrase encapsulating the culture of Costa Rica: simply enjoying life and being happy. To me, this is a constant reminder of a way of life to aspire to.

Mama Bear: I love the layering look and the fun message of this bar necklace. Motherhood really is me. I’ve always wanted to be a Mother and here and now, this is what makes my world go ’round.

My story doesn’t stop here, I’m so excited to be joining Ebb & Flow Jewelry as a brand rep and will be featuring many of Cambria’s gorgeous creations throughout the year! But I won’t keep all the fun to myself, we are hosting a giveaway to kick things off!


July is my birthday month and I have a habit of celebrating all month long 😉 This month one lucky reader will win a bar necklace with the inscription of their choosing! To enter:

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  • Fill out the entry form at the bottom of this page. That’s it!

THANK YOU for supporting the brands that keep this space fun! Speaking of fun, can you spot my little photobombing copy cat in the background of the pic below? 😉





    *Contest closes July 31, 2017. Winner will be chosen at random. This contest is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Instagram or Facebook. All opinions are my own.

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