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Miss V is THREE today. What an amazing adventure life has been with this sweet girl so far. It’s funny, I did a mother’s day post about each of the girls this year and five months later if feels like I just wrote that. So much has changed, yet so much has stayed exactly the same.

Vienna was born just two days before her due date and came into this world fast. We arrived at the hospital just after 1 am and she was born at 3:10. Upon our arrival the nurse at the desk said, “well, if you aren’t four centimetres then you will have to go home.” Turns out I was 8 and the next line was “we need to get the doctor here now!” Thanks for the doubt, reception nurse. We didn’t find out the gender before the birth, and I was pretty surprised that we had a baby girl. After her arrival I remember just wanting to stay quietly wrapped up as a new family of three. I try to keep these special memories fresh, as I know she will want to hear about them one day.

I think Mike and I just stared at Vienna in awe for the first few months of her life. She was the happiest, most easy going baby ever. With the exception of messing with her sleep– take that nap away and she wasn’t so happy–she really was just so chill. I didn’t baby proof anything, which is turning out to be quite the struggle with little sister these days. Second baby = trouble maker.

Year two was so much fun and started with the arrival of Baby Aria the morning after Vienna’s second birthday. Although challenging to balance time between a just two year old and newborn (hello potty training while breastfeeding), it was a great year for me to be home with Vienna. Aria came along for the ride and we hit dance class, parks and life at full speed (insert Mom guilt for not nesting at home with Aria more. Can’t win ’em all).

This fall Vienna started preschool and she absolutely loves it. Her teacher asked me one day if she is always so happy. She also told me Vienna is her “most enthusiastic learner”- no matter the activity V is cheering her way to it! This girl. Cautious and thoughtful until she finds her groove and then she is ALL IN. (And ALL THE TEARS when she finds out she has to leave something).

Vienna loves to swim. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just mom goggles where I think my kid is amazing at something, but really she’s par for the course. It doesn’t matter either way, but V is a very good swimmer. Whenever we are on vacation and swimming with her people come up to us and can’t believe her age and her love and comfort in the water. Before her head is barely out of the water she will be shouting “one more time!” and never wants to leave. I love seeing her do so well at something and finding something she loves, even if it’s just at this young age.

Vienna also loves to read. She knows most of her books from memory after only a few times through. Again with the mom goggles… but still, it impresses me every time. I love snuggling up with her and reading stories at bedtime, its one of my favourite things.

It’s so amazing to see the little girl Vienna is becoming. She is sweet, happy and has a big heart. She loves her family, especially her sister. I still can’t get over a few months back when V hugged Aria and said “I’m going to keep you forever Aria.” Heart. Melting. V is just starting to get interested in dolls, barbies, and princesses, and listening to her play is cute and so funny. Today her princess dolls were cruising around in her barbie car while she belted out Flo Rida’s “My House” for them. Hilarious!

Happy Birthday Vienna Christiina! We wish the whole world for you and can’t wait to see you take it on! Scroll down to see what today’s answers brought for Miss V’s three year birthday quiz!

The photo immediately below is Vienna today, on her third birthday! Big thanks to Jennifer Harwood with Blink Photography for this sweet shot.img_0022




Three Year Birthday Quiz

How Old Are You: Two and a Half. (…Some discussion about it being her birthday today) Three!

What Is Your Favourite Thing To Do: Play with those princess dresses

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up: Red Riding Hood

What Is Your Favourite Food: Carrots

Who Do You Like To Spend Time With: Isla

What Do You Do Really Well: Dancing

What Makes You Laugh: When you spin me

What Is The Best Time of Day: When we go to swimming

Who Is Your Best Friend: Isla

What Do You Like To Do With Your Family: Go to the market

What Do You Love To Learn About: Trains

Where Do You Like To Go: To the farmer’s market

What is Your Favourite Book: I wish you more

If You Had One Wish What Would It Be: A costume


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