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A New Chapter

2017 is here and I am so excited to be writing this post. Mostly because it’sΒ my first post of a New Year. And you know what that means? That I’m still blogging! I started this little blog back in the Spring; it was something I had always wanted to do. But I was nervous. Scared. Intimidated. What if no one reads it? Or perhaps more accurately, what if someone reads it, LOL. What if I have nothing to write about? I’m my worst critic, and I knew I would be hard on myself if I didn’t “succeed”. It took me 4 more months after I decided to blog before I published itΒ on social media, in particular to friends, family and people I know. 5 months later I am SO proud of myself for this accomplishment.

Putting myself out there to the world is part of a new chapter about me. One where I’m less concerned about what people think, and more focused on being my true self. And maybe no one is reading this after all (anyone? πŸ˜‰ ) But that’s OK by me! That’s not why I’m here. I love writing. And like I said in the beginning, I want a memory of this time for my girls.

In starting Mamawrites I have connected with a community of people that I may not know in person, but feel like long time friends. I have received so many kind compliments and support from friends and family, and from acquaintances, too. That support and feedback isn’t the be-all and end-all, of course, but it has given me confidence and the encouragement to not care (about the wrong stuff) and to care (about the good stuff).

I am so excited for this start to a newΒ year, which naturally brings about an opportunity to plan goals and dreams. I’m looking forward to a full year of hopefully somewhat pre-planned blog content, too!

We rang in 2017 with a couple of friends at our fave local pizza place, and then came home for an early count down with the girls before tucking them in for the night. And, just to remind us of what season of life we are in,Β Aria had one of her only explosive diapers ever while we were out (sorry about that, friends) and Vienna put on a fairly good display of toddler whining all the way home and refused to have her picture taken. There’s no where I’d rather be, but please pass the wine.

Here’s to another amazing year ahead! And how cute are these little princesses? xo


Miss V’s Nursery

I’ve been wanting to capture Vienna’s nursery space in a blog post forever. There’s no time like the present- she’s outgrown her daybed (crib conversion) and her new bed is on order, so if I wanted it done it had to be now. I’m still learning how to get decent photos and these ones = no bueno. I ended up using my iphone for fear of driving myself crazy with my Canon. Our bedrooms also don’t have great natural light. Pair that with an awkward space to move around and I was getting no where fast- no wonder I put it off! I considered editing all the photos, but #aintnomamagottimeforthat. Now that I look at them on a desktop– eep. Maybe I’ll have someone help me redo this! πŸ˜‰ (The walls in her room are white and the one behind her bed is a light grey). So, bear with me on the photos.

I have really enjoyed decorating the girls rooms. When it comes to the rest of my house I struggle with decisions and need a LOT of advice from friends, but the girls rooms have been my favorite projects πŸ™‚

Vienna’s room is the perfect space for a sweet girl like her. When I was pregnant with V we didn’t find out the baby’s gender, so I decorated the room in white and grey and added in pink once she arrived. There’s still a little bit of grey left, but pink really took over that space, as it should! Some of my favorite features are her butterfly mobile- it gives the space such a whimsical feel; the blackout ruffle curtains- they make it feel so girly; and of course the teepee- ahhhhdorable!

Her room has a small built in bench under the window. It’s annoying in that it forces/limits the layout of the room, but we’ve been using it to rotate her books which she loves reading at bedtime in her teepee. The current stack is the BabyLit books- so cute! The picture framed on her dresser is from our maternity photo shoot with V- I love seeing this reminder of that time. I’m in love with the two tier shelf behind her teepee. I use this to put a few special items that have been passed on to her. Recent life happenings have reminded me that our generation seems particularly un-sentimental– so this is a nice place to save/feature a few keepsakes. And the Charlotte’s Web book on the shelf came from one of my cousin’s as a gift for V’s baby shower– it was my cousin’s when she was little– how sweet is that! I can’t wait to read it to V when she’s a bit older, she already asks about it all the time.






  • Ruffle Panel Curtains: Pottery Barn
  • Decor Shelf; Pottery Barn
  • Teepee:Β Dexton Kids Great Plains Teepee
  • Owl Lamp: Urban Barn
  • Rug, pillows, jewelry box, lamp, hampers: Home Sense
  • Mobile: Pottery Barn Kids
  • Bedding: Aden + Anais (Dream Blanket)
  • Stuffies: Blabla Kids and Jelly CatΒ 
  • Crib: Graco Lauren Convertible (Target)
  • Prints: Custom- Etsy and Mae’s Paperie
  • Dresser: second hand purchase!