BC’s Hidden Family Vacation Gem, Cozy Cabins

Cozy Cabins Family Vacation

Summer 2020 …Β  what a time. Having spent most of Spring in quarantine, a family vacation just might be (permanently) at the top of our wish list. With travel on pause for the foreseeable future, there isn’t a better time than now to appreciate, enjoy, and discover our own backyard. We wanted to find an amazing family vacation destination in our home province of British Columbia and were lucky to spend a week at Cozy Cabins Nature Resort. Tucked away in the Creighton Valley just outside of Lumby, BC, this family resort is truly one of a kind! Today I’m sharing why we love Cozy Cabins for the best family vacation.

Thank you to Cozy Cabins Nature Resort for hosting our stay! All opinions shared in this review post are my own.

Paradise Found

From the secluded lake to the wide open meadow, there’s no shortage of beauty at Cozy Cabins. Unlike your average jam-packed resort, Cozy Cabins offers something different– space. The meadow and playground feel like your very own with barely another person in sight. There is a constant, stunning reflection in the calm and quiet lake. Once you settle in to letting go of the need to check in, this place is magic. Our kids loved exploring the gradual entry into the water, catching tadpoles, and swimming to the dock. It was simple, and it was good.

Cozy Cabins Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake_Cozy CabinsMeadow at Cozy CabinsDisconnect to Reconnect

Now more than ever we need a digital detox. We often spend a lot of our vacation online, and I know we aren’t alone on this. The absence of cell service and wifi at the cabins made this family vacation especially unique. No, we didn’t spend every lasting second engaged in family time, but we didn’t spend it distracted, either. We explored, played, learned, and took a break from the demands of everything else. If you haven’t tried signing offline for a week, it is SO refreshing. We couldn’t have asked for a better time or place to connect!

Row Boat_Cozy Cabins

beach at cozy cabinsAdventure & Growth

Cozy Cabins offers an amazing experience for kids. With only 8 cabins and many returning guests, there is a sense of community at Cozy Cabins, which newcomers are quickly welcomed into. Our six year old had the opportunity to gain independence given the security and quaintness of the resort. She met new friends, explored the property, and swam to the “far dock.” It felt like summer camp when I was a kid! Our day-to-day was a lot simpler, too. Aria spent most days saving (read: catching) tad-poles and Rowen played at the water’s edge. They loved the slower pace and never once complained of being bored or asked for a screen. They were fully immersed in whatever they were doing, and came up with it all on their own.

Kids vacation Cozy Cabins

Family Vacation at Cozy Cabins 2

Family Vacation Cozy Cabins

A Quality Experience

The owners, Harold and Kim, put their hearts into this place and it shows. They are welcoming and genuine. The cabins are, well, cozy, and the property is well-cared for. The scavenger hunt is an example of their dedication to creating incredible family vacations. We received a treasure box (complete with a key, map and letter) in the mail, and each day of our stay was met with a new task. We made art, solved puzzles and learned about nature. Naturally our kids were amazed, and this experience made even more lasting memories for our family.
kids at cozy cabins 2

cavenger Hunt_Cozy Cabins

Cozy Cabins Might be Just What Your Family Needs

It’s a place for connection, fun, simplicity, and letting go of everything else. If you’re looking for a different family vacation… one where you make memories while truly taking a break from distractions, then Cozy Cabins is the place! We’re grateful for the change of pace and the chance to experience family time differently. I hope this inspires you to take a break with your family, too! xo

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    1. It was my kids’ first time catching/saving tadpoles! For the first few days they called them tad-i-poles and it was the cutest! Great memories to have.

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