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With Christmas upon us, and New Years just around the corner, it seems another year has flown by. Time is a funny thing with kids– the pace increases, yet reflecting back so much has happened in a seemingly “short” time. What they say is true, the days are long but the years are short.

Each year I look back on all of our memories and milestones while creating an annual Chatbook for each of the girls. These books capture everything from the big moments–birthdays, celebrations, and events, to the the little ones– breakfasts, slow days at home, or time passed at the park– and everything in between. 

I started making annual Chatbooks when Aria turned 1. I hadn’t done a baby book and I wanted a simple, beautiful way to capture her first year. Ever since I’ve made each of the girls a yearly book, and they have quickly become their most treasured items. Chatbooks transform the hundreds of images snapped from my iPhone into a keepsake they can enjoy forever.

I’m excited to share how we make our Chatbooks annual books, in partnership with Chatbooks!

Chatbooks are memorable

These books are Aria’s (age 3) favourite book, she often asks to look at them together before bed. I forget the many little things that have happened each year, or how much the girls have grown. Seeing their birthday photos starting and finishing each year leaves me in awe, and a bit teary seeing them grow up! I also use Chatbooks’ subscription service, which generates regular Chatbooks from my Instagram account and mails them to me. I take so many photos and this is literally the only way they ever see print.

Chatbooks are an easy way to share your memories

Making your annual Chatbook is simple:

  • Scroll back on your phone to the start of the year and  select any and all images to add to the book.
  • Add selected photos into a folder on your phone.
  • Open the Chatbooks app and create a book with the images from the folder.
  • Voila! Just like that, you’ve created a beautiful memory book in no time!

Looking back at our year is always a special time to share together. This year I’ve saved the books for Christmas and I can’t wait to see how excited they are unwrapping their special gifts! Do you want to create your own special book? Enjoy $10 credit towards your first book by clicking here! I hope you enjoy creating your memory books! xo

We’ve loved Chatbooks for years— to see more Chatbooks ideas visit my Chatbooks Party post!

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