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I can hardly believe our sweet Vienna is four years old today! The years seem to pass so quickly with kids; it seems like only yesterday she was our only babe and we were navigating the early days of learning our new roles as parents. And now look at that beautiful girl with the baby blues above. How did she grow up so fast?!

This year on Vienna’s birthday we just finished two weeks of family fun in our favourite vacation spot– Maui! Vienna is quite the little mermaid and swam all day every day. We had such a great time together having fun in the sun! These trips, where we take in some uninterrupted family time will always be my favourite memories.

Here’s a little recap of Miss V at age four. These personal posts are my favourite, as I never want to forget the girls growing up.

Vienna. Our sweet, caring, fun-loving little girl. How I choose to describe Vienna will never change– these are the traits that sum up her little personality perfectly and always have. Vienna is still cautious to try new things, but once you can convince her to try something out, you will be dragging her away from it later and the sounds of her full belly laughs can be heard from a distance. Our resort had a waterslide and while Aria ran full speed towards it at first glance, V carefully stood back and watched, and once Aria successfully landed at the bottom, she was A-OK to try it out too. Not surprising, we couldn’t get her away from that thing later, while she pleaded “last, last one?” over and over as she snuck in “one” more never-ending slide run.

Although a bit more cautious and shy at first, Vienna is certainly outgoing. She doesn’t hesitate to run up to kids and ask “do you want to play with me?” or “can I play too?” She loves to play with others and her teacher tells us she flows freely between all the kids in her class, easily playing with everyone.

Vienna loves to colour, practice writing her name, and do puzzles or play with little people. She loves to dance, sing, and play soccer. She has a big heart and loves her family so much. Our entire trip she has been telling us daily that she misses her Great Grams back home. Her memory always amazes us, she is now reading her books from memory to Aria. Although we don’t let her watch much TV, it is certainly something that she loves– she will quietly sit and watch football, the news, whatever is on, just because. Vienna loves her sweets, still calling dessert “ressert” and shave ice is her jam here in Hawaii. She loves to be my side-kick and is set on having the same breakfast as me, wearing her hair the same, exercising with me (she’s got some great yoga moves 😉 ) or basically doing whatever I am doing. And I don’t mind having this little shadow one bit.

To our Vienna on her FOURTH birthday: I wish the whole world for you, and more. You are sweet and kind, happy and carefree, and we know these things will bring you and everyone around you SO much happiness. We are so very proud of the little girl you are!

Scroll down to see some pics of Vienna from our vacation, and her 4 year Birthday Quiz. xo


Four Year Birthday Quiz

How Old Are You: 4!

What Is Your Favourite Thing To Do: Go out for dinner

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up: A doctor

What Is Your Favourite Food: Avacado

Who Do You Like To Spend Time With: Isla! (same as last year, friends for life!)

What Do You Do Really Well: Work on my name at school

What Makes You Laugh: Mama

What Is The Best Time of Day: When I’m at the pool!

Who Is Your Best Friend: Daddy

What Do You Like To Do With Your Family: Go on the airplane

What Do You Love To Learn About: Science world!

Where Do You Like To Go: To the park

What is Your Favourite Book: Moana

If You Had One Wish What Would It Be: Going on a trip with Mommy (well, girlfriend, that can be arranged! 😉 )












































































































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