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This blog is full of all things girly given the two little ladies running the show over here. And, I mean, who am I to say no to all the pink and gold possible?! (Ok, ok, it’s actually me who is influencing the colour scheme around here. And yes, I plan to roll with that for as long as possible).

I also happen to be lucky to have the sweetest little nephew, who doesn’t, however, seem too interested in a rosette birthday cake. He’s the busiest boy ever and loves all things that GO! I had so much fun making this fun construction cake for his 2nd birthday. And that’s not to say this has to be a cake only for boys … my girls of course loved it too. This is a simple and easy cake to pull together. V (age 3) helped to place all of the letters and the trucks and rocks. This is a great cake to make with kids since perfectionism isn’t necessary with dirt and rocks. 😉

Enjoy! xo

To make:

Ice cakes, set up the rocks, dirt, and trucks however you like, and BAM you are done! I’ve also seen some more elaborate cakes where you would use different sized cakes (or cut them) to make a hill effect. Pinterest has plenty of inspiration!


Mama Writes


    1. He especially loved the toys. Even though he is two it kinda turned into a smash cake because he was digging it in with the toys, LOL

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